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New llama baby

Sebastopol Geese

A local urban gardener enthusiast friend of mine is raising rare Sebastopol Geese in her backyard. Things got a little crowded by the end of last fall and being the act before you think kind of person that I am, I mentioned that I might take(well buy) a goose or 2 to add to the ambiance of my little farm adventure. Afterall, I breed rare sheep, so why not add a rare goose to the mix. So here you see Tux, a rare Sebastopol goose. The interesting feature about these geese is the curly feathers. He does not have curly feathers, you say? NO, he has the genetics though and when combined with a curly female I hope to have curly, grey offspring. For now though, I hope he will enjoy the duckweek in the pond and the grass and weeds in the yard.

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