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Meet Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Tinkerbell Gryphon - Purebred Buck SOLD
DOB; 4/18/11
Sire: Algedi Farm DJ Drops of Honey
Dam: Gypsy Moon MO Moon Song
Ginger Pye
Tinkerbell has the most personality of the 2 does. She is always at the fence to greet you and look for food. Love her blue eyes!

Heatherlane Farms Tinkerbell

Sire: Heatherlane Farms Dark Knight
Dam: Heatherlane Farms Eclipse

Tinkerbell's 2014 Bucklings

This is Dixie my Mini Lamancha.

Ginger Pye is a little more cautious and reserved around me even though I have been feeding her for 2 years. I love her color and hope to have kids and milk in the spring of 2012.

Heatherlane Farms Ginger Pye
dob: 7/04/09

Sire: Heatherlane Farms Dark Knight
Dam: AGS Heathelane Venus


Meet Heidi a mini Oberhasli. She is 1/4 Oberhasli and 3/4 Nigerian (I think). I talked my friend at Wellspring Farm into selling her to me. She is very sweet.

Hobby Knob Farm, Nigerian Dwarf Goats

I have had such fun learning to milk my neighbor's goats that I decided to get 2 of my own. Feeling like I have enough large animals I decided to get the mini's of the dairy goat world or Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. I have always loved these little goats and am wondering now why I didn't do this sooner.

These goats would be ideal for the backyard/urban farmer or anyone that does not want to be overwhelmed with milk (like me). Or, just wants a little pet goat! They are great for keeping brush down. If you are not interested in breeding, consider buying a couple of wethers (neutered males). They can become your best goat friend and are easy keepers. Kids usually come in March and April. I have 2 registered (ADGA) Nigerian does, a mini Mancha doe, a mini Oberhasli doe and a registered Nigerian buck. You can learn more about these and other dairy goats at the American Dairy Goat Association and Piedmont Dairy Goat Association websites. Having your own fresh milk and making your own fresh cheese is just another step toward food independence. You can purchase full sized registered French Alpines from my friend at Mountain Star Farm.

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