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My alpacas came to me by way of Southeast Llama Rescue. The previous owners had a small heard of alpacas that they loved dearly but health issues made caring for all the animals difficult. The owners knew their animals would find a safe, caring home through SELR. Not interested in breeding, I decided to add a couple to my farm for the fiber. Later I added another alpaca through a trade for 2 Jacob lambs. Their names are Magnum (silver), Jasper (white) and Dancer (beige). Magnum decided he would not get along with the other alpacas so he has to live in the pasture with the llamas. Their fiber gets blended with the sheep wool.

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Southeast Llama Rescue (SELR), Inc.
P.O. Box 1122
Mars Hill, NC 28754
(828) 206-2200
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